My New Desk!

Finally after 3 years I got a desk!

I found this guy at a flea mall for 100 bucks and the chair was 25 dollars. It took Todd forever to get started on the project... AND it took me forever to find the colors that I wanted. 
After about two months of sitting in our garage we decided to paint it white and do an antique glaze on it. AND a big thanks to VINTAGE REVIVALS for making an awesome tutorial on the process. The desk turned out amazing!
Before the glaze.

Final result! I am in love with it!!
I love how the glaze gets it to every crack and crevice! 

We could not decided what to do about the hardware... We tried just antiquing it with the glaze but it just did not look right. So we found this spray paint at Walmart that give a hammered finish to the end result. It went perfectly together.
The chair still needs to be painted... I was thinking of a bright color like yellow. To Be Continued...


Haley K said...

NICE WORK!!! the desk is fabulous! i love the distressed white look with the dark hardware :) and the idea of having a bright chair with it is awesome :)

thanks for entering and being up for the pay it forward challenge! :)

Gee said...

Thank you Haley! Pay it forward challenge is such a fabulous idea and I hope I get picked :D

Haley K said...

Gee you're one of the five I'm paying it forward to!!!!! wahoo!!!! :) It made me so happy to see that you really like the challenge :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!