Nap time

Lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest and the amount of ideas that you can find are endless. I found a great idea of painting over an old canvas or picture here. I had a couple of old frames that I purchased from Ikea a while back and just never found the right print for them. I pinned this quote and it fit perfectly on the old print. So once we tuck Emmeline away safely for nap time we started our project. An hour and a half later we finish just in time for sleeping beauty to wake up. A project that came out perfectly and a happy baby is a win win for me :D

Before painting over the letters

The frame is a shadow box type so it is kind of hard to take a picture of it in the sun. Hopefully when the sun goes down I can get a better picture of it. 

MUCH better picture than an iPhone picture.


Family adventures

Lately the weather has just been perfect for outdoor adventures. So yesterday morning we decided to get up and go geocaching. If you never heard of geocaching it is like a scavenger hunt with a gps. Yesterday was our first time geocaching and it was tons of fun!


Stalking the mail man...

I have a confession to make everyday around 1-1:30 Emmeline and I go to play in her room so I can sit by the window and watch for the mail main. I know it is kinda sick but when you order such cute diapers you can not help but wait for them to come.