Two months into the fluff

We are almost two and a half months into our cloth diapering adventure and I would have to say it is the best decision we have ever made! Yeah it did take time getting use to the swing of it but once we figured out what diapers worked for us it was a breeze!
Beginning of our Cloth Diaper stash.

Emmeline in her very first cloth diaper.

Helping mommy dry inserts.

Line dry the diapers and air fluff inserts in the dryer.

I have many friends ask me about cloth diapering:
Where did I do all my research?
I did a lot of my researching on youtube. My favorite place to get info is The Cloth Diaper Channel. They have a ton of reviews on Diapers. I also really like Parenting's article on Cloth Diapers if you are for first timers not knowing where to start.

What got me into cloth diapering?
Environmental reasons was the first thing that got me thinking about it but my main reason is MONEY. It has saved us so much money.

What do I use?
We are currently using Charlie Bananas (FAV!!), FuzziBunz, gdiapers, BumGenius, and Knickernappies (not a fan).

How many do I have?
last time I counted was about 24 but three are Knickernappies that I rarely use.

Where do I purchase my diapers?
Since there is no where locally I have to do all my shopping online. Nicki's Diapers has a wide range on diapers, free shipping on pocket diapers, and has a lot of mama items. Diaper Junction is another one I like. Also if you are just starting out and not sure what brand/type you would like to try there is a site called Diaper Swappers where mama's sell there used diapers for cheap. This is how we started off and most of the diapers I got where never used. Plus Diaper Swappers is a great place to ask experienced Mamas cloth diapering questions.

What do I use at night time?
This has been our biggest battle!! Emme is a tummy sleeper with her bum high in the sky. We has such trouble with the diapers leaking in her front waist area. We started using gdiapers on vacation and noticed she woke up dry. YAY! So from then on we have used gdiapers at night.

Do you spray or shake?
We are sprayers. My tip is do not spend the 40+ bucks on a diaper sprayer and make it yourself. We used this tutorial video.

What type of detergent do I use?
Since we started cloth diapering we have used Rockin Green Soft Rock. Rockin Green Has different formulas for different water types and if you are not sure what type of water you have they have a handy map.

What does Todd think of cloth diapering?
Todd loves them! He tries to convince everyone into using them. I think he is more into it that I am :D


Janet said...

Hi Gretchen! Thanks for your comment and encouragement with cloth diapers! I am looking forward to trying them out in the future. :)

Haley K said...

gretchen you are supermom!! :) that's awesome you're doing cloth diapers...so glad to hear it's been a good experience :) and that photo of you sweet girl infront of the fabulous washer/dryer with those colorful diapers hanging above is too cute.

and let me tell you! I haven't forgotten about the pay it forward challenge!! I'm so sorry I started some things for you & the other lovely ladies, but things came up...I need to get back on it and send them out! yours will be coming soon, promise :)