Family adventures

Lately the weather has just been perfect for outdoor adventures. So yesterday morning we decided to get up and go geocaching. If you never heard of geocaching it is like a scavenger hunt with a gps. Yesterday was our first time geocaching and it was tons of fun!

Our first cache was the only one we found out of the three we tried to find. It took us sometime to find the cache maybe a good 45 minutes. Emmeline loved our little hike through the woods. She learned how to say tree and it was so peaceful she took a nap. Todd found the hidden cache under a fall down tree.

Our last two where down in Fishers landing a little beach off the Nuese river. It was a mosquito feeding ground and the were some major hikes up the hill and we just didn't think it was safe with a baby. So we took a walk on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Our plan is to do this more often as a family and to try to do one cache everywhere we go.

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