Stalking the mail man...

I have a confession to make everyday around 1-1:30 Emmeline and I go to play in her room so I can sit by the window and watch for the mail main. I know it is kinda sick but when you order such cute diapers you can not help but wait for them to come.
So for a couple days now this has been our routine. I have a feeling my mail man might think I am crazy because he barely even gets half way down the road and I am racing to the mail box. BUT he can have a breather because Emme's diapers came today!!!
My dear Grandfather gave Emmeline money for her first birthday so I was able to order three Charlie Banana cloth diapers. I ordered an Aqua, Shanghai Green and BLACK. Charlie Banana is one of the very few that have a diaper in black. I am kind of nerves to was it with the rest but hopefully with a couple pre washes by itself it will be fine.
So do you want to know why I like Charlie Banana cloth diapers from the rest? 
First thing is that they have a crossover snap on all of there diapers. Which is great because Emmeline is super skinny but tall. 
Second because they stuff in the front.... At first I was kind of iffy about touching a soaked pee insert BUT Charlie Banana puts a tag on there inserts so if I stuff the diaper right I can just pull the tag without touching the insert at all. 
Third they have such a quick response team when it comes to anything wrong with the diapers and they really love to hear the costumers feedback.
Fourth one percent of all sales worldwide are donated to Operation Smile so it makes you feel good about buying the fluff :D

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