Ugh I am awful at this....

I promised myself that I would keep writing on our blog and I have done the complete opposite.... SO a big update :D

Emmeline is now eight months and will be nine months in eight days. She is on the move now... army crawling all over the place. She has been trying for the last couple of days to pull herself up onto things and everything and everyone is now a jungle gym to her. Em has been trying to pull herself to a standing position and she gets very angry when she can not get up. She waves "Hi" and "buh-bye" but when it comes to a stranger she is very shy! She give open mouth kisses and some times you get a little lick with it. She is an amazing baby and I never knew you could love someone so MUCH!
First time in the pool.

After about 5 trips to the beach she finally put her feet in the water. 
Last monday she won our local radios Baby Idol contest :D 
There is a bunch that I am forgetting to mention but I can not think of it right this minute....

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Haley K said...

you're little girl is a doll!!! yay crawling around! and for beach trips and that darling little blue, ruffly suit! :) that video was fun too!

and woohoo on winning the baby idol! go emmeline!