So finally after 9 months Todd and I have finally decided to try out cloth diapers again. When Emmeline was born I got so discouraged about cloth because none of them fit around her tiny little legs. So we chickened out and just stayed with disposable diapers. Then it I felt like we were buying diapers once a week and just burning through the biggest box of diapers you could buy.
One day Todd and I were on the subject of having more kids I through the idea out there of trying cloth diapers again. Since we plan to have more it would just be smart to just switch to cloth. We could save so much money not having to buy diapers for the next child. So a wonderful friend of my turned me on to this site called diaperswappers.com where you can buy gently used diapers from other mamas. I ordered a couple different brands from the site and I got a nice handful of new diapers that have never been opened. I am anxiously awaiting for them to all get here. I am hoping the brands that I selected work out for little miss Emmeline...
Hopefully our cloth diapering adventure starts this week :D

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