Where has the time gone?

Oh Dear Emmeline you are 9 months old now and this time has just flown by. It felt like we were waiting for you to get here forever and now that you are here each day just passes by so fast. We try to treasure each and every moment with you.

You just started crawling and you are all over the place into everything. At firsts you just kind of army crawled all over the place but in the past week you got up on your hands and knees. You are talking like crazy even though you are only babbling you sure do try to get your point a crossed. One of your favorite things to do is pull everything out of the diaper bag and pull all the movies out of the cabinet.

holding your bottle yourself

Trying to feed yourself.

Two front teeth just came in.

I can not believe you are 9 months already. Soon we will be planning your first birthday party...

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Haley K said...

your smart to soak up every sweet moment of these fleeting days when your beautiful emmeline is still so little!! goodness you have one gorgeous little girl :) what a sweet letter!

and brooks is the king of taking things out of cupboards and drawers...they keep us busy don't they? ;)