Nap time

Lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest and the amount of ideas that you can find are endless. I found a great idea of painting over an old canvas or picture here. I had a couple of old frames that I purchased from Ikea a while back and just never found the right print for them. I pinned this quote and it fit perfectly on the old print. So once we tuck Emmeline away safely for nap time we started our project. An hour and a half later we finish just in time for sleeping beauty to wake up. A project that came out perfectly and a happy baby is a win win for me :D

Before painting over the letters

The frame is a shadow box type so it is kind of hard to take a picture of it in the sun. Hopefully when the sun goes down I can get a better picture of it. 

MUCH better picture than an iPhone picture.

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::The Beetle Shack:: said...

It's so addictive, i agree!